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SPIRIT OF PLACE - The Hermitage

The Carter family home 'The Hermitage' was built in the late Victorian era. The house is secludedly situated in the leafy hills of Upper Parkstone and from its tower commands one of the finest views across Poole Bay. This bears testimony to the family's prosperity and standing in the Poole area.

Parts of the house were rebuilt by Charles's older brother Herbert Carter, then in residence, in 1928–29. The Carter family sold the property in the 1990s and the new owners have since converted it into flats. In the winter of 1995–96 the roof caught fire. Interestingly perhaps, at the time of this ancestral blaze, transiting Pluto opposed Carter's natal Pluto.

'The Hermitage' from the main entrance and driveway. To the right the land
drops away sharply, and leads to the site of the former pottery.


A view from the 'pottery side', showing the impressive cream coloured
tower to the right. The tower is part of the original structure.


The house is very secluded and surrounded by tall trees, foliage and steep banks
which adds an air of mystery and secrecy to the property.
In this rear view the tower is just about discernible through the trees.

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